Before we bid farewell to 2015, let me update you about the work of students in the Singha Volunteer Network for “The 4th Singha-Rajabhat Community Development” project. Forty-five students from Rajabhat Valaya Alongkorn University volunteered to help out with the draught crisis at Vichit Wittayakan Border Patrol Police School, Amphur Thong Pa Bhoom, Kanchanaburi between 17 to 19 October, this year. Within this brief period, the students built two weirs to help maintain the ecosystem of the surrounding area affected by the drought. These weirs held back the sediment and prevented landslide. They turned this dry sediment-ridden area into a lush forest once more. Last but not least, the students noted that they loved spending their free time helping and contributing to the community, no matter how hard the work or how great the challenge might be. These students were always ready for anything! Bravo!

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