Basic Rescue Training by SINGHA R-SA @ Prachin Buri

Nowadays, accidence often occurs unexpectedly both inside and outside our accommodations. Preparing to handle with incidental situation is needed in order to prevent probable harm.

From an aforementioned reason above, SINGHA R-SA cooperated with the Royal Thai Army, Narenthorn EMS Center, and Rajavithi Hospital, instructed Basic Rescue Training to all of 22 SINGHA R-SA Student Networks at Phrom Yothi Military Camp, Prachin Buri between 11-12  November 2017. The purpose of this project is to enhance skill of SINGHA R-SA Student Network, so they can properly save themselves, others, and be ready for handling with emergency all the time.

This project included how to do CPR, first aid guide, procedures of saving a drowning victim, and how to survive in the woods. During this project, students were having fun and simultaneously gaining a lot of knowledge. Massive gratitude to Thai Royal Army and Narenthorn EMS Center officers for providing a very knowledgeable practices to SINGHA R-SA students, they promised to adapt this useful learning in their daily lives.

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