Children’s Sufficiency School @Nakhonratchasima

In a country like Thailand where agriculture plays a major part in the national culture and economy, it is essential that children learn the basics of sufficiency agriculture. To achieve this goal, Singha R-SA created an agriculture project for school students and traveled to Bansubtai School in Pakchong District, Nakonratchasima Province, to deliver the project on 13th June 2018 with the help of the 3-Miti News volunteers and students from the Dhonburi Rajabhat University.

The project opened with donations of sports equipment to the students to encourage them to keep fit and healthy through sport. The next step involved teaching the students how a vegetable garden can be developed, before demonstrating the creation of a mushroom nursery. The children watched with concentration and followed the instructions carefully, so that in future they will be able to grow vegetables and mushrooms for themselves.

Thanks were given to all the students and staff at Bansubtai School for the fantastic reception we received. We have very fond memories of our visit and hope we will have the opportunity to return before too long.

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