Community Weir Building @Chiangrai

Singha R-SA has built weirs before – but not in recent months, so it was about time for a new weir project. This time we went to Banhuaimakliang village in Wiangpapao District, Chiangrai Province on 16th and 17th June 2018, and had the support of our partners at the Utokapat Foundation along with volunteers from ten leading northern universities.

The weir was constructed using natural resources found in the local area. The structure involved building a wooden framework and then filling in the lines using stones. The work itself was dirty and wet, but the feeling of doing a good job, and a necessary one, was enough to keep everyone going to complete the mission.

Luckily, it wasn’t only Singha R-SA and the volunteer team doing the work. Once we started we were joined by around a hundred villagers who wanted to contribute to the effort. More people make for more happiness – as someone once said, and everyone was certainly happy when the job was finally finished. Singha R-SA gave thanks to everyone who participated, and we left with many happy memories and a number of new friends.

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