CPR Training for Teens @Singha Summer Camp

Singha R-SA understands the importance of basic first aid and rescue skills, and also just how important it can be to share that knowledge with youngsters who just might need it one day to save a life. At the Singha Summer Camp at the Chiang Mai Beverage Factory in Chiang Mai Province on 29th April 2018, Singha R-SA had the opportunity to show teenage participants exactly how to perform CPR.

To pass on these crucial skills, Singha R-SA enlisted the help of expert volunteers from the Boromarajonani College of Nursing in Chiang Mai. Their kindness and patience helped to make the training a great success by maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere while taking care to ensure all the participants learned exactly what they had to do.

Singha R-SA felt very proud of all the young people who took the time to join the camp, and hopes that they will be ready to use their new skills if they are ever in a situation where they need to act. This kind of activity is certainly one that Singha R-SA will be repeating in the future.

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