Encouragements for Mexico’s Earthquake Victims

Last 20 September 2017, a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake was hit Mexico City. Many areas and buildings were destroyed, and people were suffering. The tough day that humanities faced with a violent natural disaster, they lost their beloved persons or things. Encouragements from everyone will be the most important things to make those through a bad time.

On 28th September 2017, SINGHA R-SA collaborated with SINGHA R-SA Mexican Student Network of Bangkok University traveled to Bangkok University. We hold a special activity to send the encouragements to Mexico’s earthquake victims through messages. All encouragements and wishes on messages will be the important things to make the Mexican through a hard time.

The Thai and foreigner students, including personnel in the university wrote many messages on a canvas. From a clean canvas to be the canvas that full of encouraging messages for Mexico’s earthquake victims. We believed that everybody will be better when they have received our encouragements.
For people who cannot came with us, you can leave good messages through social networks to encourage Mexico’s earthquake victims by using #BeStrongMexico and #FuerzaMexico hashtags.

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