After completing our responsibilities in neighboring countries, we requested permission to take a car to rejoin the SINGHA R-SA Boonrawd family in Isan. Early this January, SINGHA R-SA Boonrawd, through Boonrawd Brewery Company Limited and the Phya Bhirombhakdi Foundation, prepared over 12,000 jackets to help those in need ward off the cold. We also received assistance from students at Khon Kaen University in distributing them. We divided our schedule over three full days to ensure that we covered all areas: On 11 January, we worked in Bueng Kan Province at Amphoe Pak Khat and Amphoe So Phisai. On 12 January we continued our trip to Nong Khai Province at Amphoe Sangkhom, Amphoe Pho Tak and Amphoe Si Chiang Mai. On 13 January, we were in Nong Bua Lam Phu Province at Amphoe Mueang, Amphoe Na Klang and Amphoe Na Wang. We wish to thank everyone—elders and youngsters alike—for helping to fill these three days with happiness, fun, and joy that made all weariness disappear.

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