Helping Flood Victims @Sakonnakhon

When the rainy season hits Bangkok, the biggest problem most people face is a longer journey time through heavy traffic. When the rains hot the countryside, however, the rivers burst their banks and whole villages are inundated. Farmers can lose their crops, while others lose their homes.


In August 2018, over a thousand homes were flooded, and transportation access was cut off by the water. In Sakhonnakhon province, the districts of Muang, Phonnagaew, and Khoksisuphan were especially badly affected.


In response to the rising floodwaters, Singha R-SA cooperated with volunteer team from Sakhonnakhon Rajabhat University to bring food and water to those affected on 1st August 2018, especially those in Phonnagaew District. As well as food, the volunteers also brought goodwill and hope. Furthermore, they provided vital reminders about the dangers of electrical leakages into floodwater.

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