Helping the Cold Disaster Victims @Chiang Rai

Because winter is coming, Singha R-SA traveled to Doisaenjai School at Maesalong Sub-district of Mae Fah Luang District in Chiang Rai Province to give overcoats to the cold disaster victims. We did the mission “Singha R-SA helps the cold disaster victims” on 28 November by cooperating with Phraya Bhirombhakdi Foundation of Mae Fah Luang Hospital, Entrepreneurship Partner, private stores, and volunteers from 11 universities.

We brought the Mobile Medical Unit by Phraya Bhirombhakdi Foundation to the area. This 30-year experience foundation would come to take care and give some health advice to the villagers from Sanjai Village, Huylan Village, and Sanjaipattana Village. This time, the volunteers from the northern universities also came to teach English language and formed a sufficient agriculture school, together with the students.

In cold weather, health is the most important factor, especially for those who live in the north and the northeast. Singha R-SA wishes that everyone will focus on making fire carefully and wearing thick clothing.

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