Global warming is a major problem that the entire world is facing. One of the causes is including deforestation, which results in the decrease of forest. The amount of the trees is not sufficient for water retention and absorb carbon dioxide. SINGHA R-SA realize how important the forest is. Therefore, we teamed up with in this reforestation project called “We Miss the Forest”. This time we got help from students of Udon Thani Rajabhat University and Roi Et Rajabhat University. All of them were so dedicated. They spent a lot of effort on planting those trees in Phu Foy Lom area. Even though it was exhausting, it didn’t faze us one bit. Our goal was to bring life back to Phu Foy Lom. Apart from water retention and carbon dioxide absorption, trees are the source of the four requisites and are home to the wildlife. Therefore, we would like you to protect the nature and plant more trees in order to conserve ecosystem in order to restore our planet earth and make it better.

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