Return Smiles after the Flood @Ubonratchathani

It’s time to restore! After being flooded for a month, the villagers returned to clean their houses. Singha R-SA also traveled to the damaged area to offer help with the project called “Singha R-SA: Return Smiles after the Flood” by cooperating with the Ubonratchathani Food Entrepreneurship Club as well as volunteers from Ubonratchathani Rajabhat University, Ubonratchathani University and Banhadsuanya School.

Our mission was to clean the buildings and restrooms as well as to adjust the landscape to return to its beauty because the 4-meter flood caused the school to be filled with mud. Further, much of the school’s study equipment was damaged or destroyed. When we arrived in the area, we used all our energy to help scrub the filth in the hopes that the students could come back to study at school soon.

Not only Singha R-SA, but all volunteers worked intensely. So, we thank everyone for joining the mission because its success was really because of you. If there’s a chance, we hope to do a mission with you again in the future.

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