Singha R-SA project took place in Banhaoymao village, Maehongson Province on 13th May 2018, when a volunteer group from the Mass Communication Faculty at Chulalongkorn University traveled north to construct a new school building and a library for the children at the Border Patrol Police Learning Center.


The day began with an early meeting to discuss the plans before transporting all the essential materials to the Border Patrol Police Learning Center. This wasn’t an easy journey because there were no paved roads, and eventually when our vehicles could pass no further we had to get out and walk to reach the village.


Although we arrived hot and exhausted from the walk, the welcome we received from the local children and police officers soon had us feeling refreshed and ready to start work. Everyone brought different skills to the task, so by dividing up the work accordingly we were able to get everything finished on schedule.


At the end of the day Singha R-SA offered thanks to everyone concerned for a splendid effort that brought smiles to all the local children. We hope that the library will provide many years of reading pleasure for everyone in the village, and that all the children will be able to benefit.

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