From 20-25 March, SINGHA R-SA together with Naresuan University and the University of Phayao, traveled to Li district in Lamphun Province to build a new floating house for students at   Korjudsan School. The old floating house which the students both studied and lived in, was burned down, along with their belongings and school supplies. The children were sent to stay with their relatives on the chore. Mr.Todd Piti Bhirombhakdi had donated 10,000 baht to help the students before SINGHA R-SA came to the rescue.

When we arrived, some villagers and carpenters were already at work. We assigned duties to the team, including thatching the roof and nailing together the wooden planks. Some of us helped handing out drinking water to relieve the heat as the weather was extremely hot.

SINGHA R-SA built the new floating house so the students could have a place to study and continue their activities. We put in our best efforts and carefully reconstructed the house since we knew these children had waited for this new floating home.

While we were in Li district the villagers really appreciated our help. We brought back many happy smiling faces and we hope to see them again soon.

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