SINGHA R-SA Culture Tourism @Ayutthaya

Singha R-SA worked together with Bangkok University International & Dongseo University to travel to Ayutthaya Province for the SINGHA R-SA Culture Tourism on 23rd July 2018. Discovering, sharing and gaining new experiences were the goals of the mission.

There were 2 main goals for the mission this round, including to build a playground at Chumchonwatsumet School as well as to educate the students. Because the students were happy and worked together, the activity was fun. The second goal was to extend Thai culture through learning about rice planting and rice seeds as well as trying traditional Thai food, which tends to be typically unavailable in Bangkok.

Singha R-SA gained some valuable experience during this activity, as usual. It was our pleasure to play a role in expanding knowledge of Thai culture and helping international volunteer networks take new knowledge with them. If ever given new opportunities, the chance must always be taken to learn more.

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