On 21st October, another Singha R-SA team had a mission to learn about Thai culture in Ratchaburi Province.

This mission was called “Singha R-SA Culture Tourism”, which involved everyone learning more about Thai culture and doing a volunteer activity. We cooperated with an international scholar network from Rangsit University International and went to Watsamatha School in Ratchaburi Province.

We started the mission by giving alms to the monks in the morning, which is an important aspect of Thai culture and religion. After that, everybody had a chance to carve a piece of leather sheet for the grand shadow play and try to bake Thai sweets. It was a very fun activity in the morning.

When we finished learning about Thai culture, we went to teach English to students and helped to renovate their playground in the afternoon. Even though we had to use a lot of energy, it was worth because we received good feedback and memories. We thanked everybody who joined in this mission sincerely.

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