SINGHA R-SA Culture Tourism @Suphanburi

Singha R-SA goes along with the idea that traveling is more interesting if it can be connected with gaining knowledge and experience about cultures, traditions, and lifestyles other than our own. Incorporating the Thai culture into all activities and missions carried out with volunteers from other nations has always been a consideration because of this fact.

Singha R-SA traveled to Watbankluay School in Suphanburi Province on the mission “SINGHA R-SA Culture Tourism” on September 8th with Thammasat University International in order to teach students there as well as help them to refurbish the school’s playground. The international volunteers were also tasked with gaining knowledge about Thai culture during the mission. The mission was a comprehensive success as evidenced by the warm welcome we received as well as the focus with which students accepted what was taught.

Practical experience from learning how to plant rice and plough fields was a bonus to the elation that was felt from working with students and teaching them. It was especially thrilling to be able to work with real buffaloes and experience a different kind of working.

Over the course of an extended day, everyone gained quite a bit of worthwhile experience they are sure to never forget. Singha R-SA offered appreciativeness to all the volunteers that participated in the activity and helped make the day both rewarding and enjoyable.

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