SINGHA R-SA Youth Camp 2018 @Chiangrai

This was the fourth year of SINGHA R-SA Youth Camp in 2018 and this year we still focused on supporting and creating new activities with good learning experiences for Thai youth. This project had launched many activities. The aim of this project was to provide valuable learning experiences from our activities for all of SINGHA R-SA Student Network.

All of 120 students from SINGHA R-SA Student Network from 50 universities talked to each other, shared some ideas and experiences. They attended our beneficial activities for improving their leadership skills. They also helped us benefit the community.

SINGHA R-SA Youth Camp was held at Singha Park Chiangrai (Boon Rawd Farm) on January 27th to 31st, 2018. The group activities helped the students build and develop intimacy even though they were different ages and from different places. They built an effective teamwork and helped each other renovate a playground and buildings in Ban Nam Lad School, Amphoe Muang Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai. They explored the best cultural destinations in Chiang Rai, and the last activity was a campfire which was the one that the students most enjoyed doing.

SINGHA R-SA truly appreciated everyone’s participation in this project. We were really glad that we could encourage and inspire all of the students to become volunteers. Hopefully those experiences and significant tasks that we had done together, could benefit their future.

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