With the world’s weather turned upside down, winter winds never reached Bangkok. However it was a different story in Northern Thailand. The morning mist started to cloud the sky and the winds blew a bit cooler each day. Singha Volunteers decided to drive up North and continue with the volunteer projects. We were joined by students of the Singha Volunteer Network from Mae Fah Luang University who call themselves “International Singha Volunteer Mae Fah Luang.” We visited Pa Kwang Wittaya School, Baan Kaew Dum Branch. First impressions were children’s eyes gleaming with hope and local people ready to welcome us. This mission took two days to complete from 21 to 22 November. On the first day International Singha Volunteer Mae Fah Luang arranged activities for the students, divided into seven bases. Each base taught different subjects: colors, animals, ASEAN study etc. After class, the students moved on to renovate the old playground into a BBL (Brain-based learning playground), to improve child development progress. On the second day, we handed out winter coats and warm hugs to the children and the locals in the morning. We also gave the school some exercise machines and equipment. In the afternoon we completed our work and ensured the children’s safety. We decorated the school with brightly-colored paint and pictures. The children’s and the people’s smiles were so rewarding and made all the sweat and hard work we put in worthwhile.

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