Supporting Victims of Windstorm @Ratchaburi – SINGHA-R-SA

Late in April 2019, a heavy storm blew the roof of Nongsinuan School building away. Many tiles were broken and lay on the floor. Luckily, the students were on their semester break, so no one was hurt. The school roof needed to be fixed urgently. When Singha R-SA heard the news, we prepared all the necessary equipment and set off immediately to help.


After surveying on 8-9 May, Singha R-SA and the volunteers from Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, Chom Bueng Village Rajabhat University and Kasetsart University (Kamphaeng Saen Campus) went to Nongsinuan School of Ratchaburi Province to rebuild the roof of the building and clean all around the area.


For two days, the local military officers and villagers joined with us and helped to reconstruct the school. When the mission was completed, students were able to study normally and their education did not suffer. We were very proud to be able to help with this mission.

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