The First Session of “Food Delivery Menu Workshop”

The 3rd workshop in the series, “Food Delivery Menu Workshop”, started with the first session on 1 Jul 2020. Singha R-Sa visited Food Innovation Center in Pathum Thani for the workshop, taught by “Chef Big ”, the coolest creative chef from EST.33, where we learned to cook delicious Thai fusion dishes. In addition, “Chef Chumpon” from R.HAAN restaurant also joined to share his tips on adding value to the dishes, impressing customers, and food delivery services  which are  vital given today’s situation. The course will be taught by three chefs: Chef Big, Chef Chumpon, and Chef Pom who will join us in the second session of our “Food Delivery Menu Workshop ”.


In this workshop, Singha R-Sa team and the participants learned a variety of dishes that are perfect blends of Thai and western cultures, such as Chef Big’s seafood tom yam fried rice, stir-fried stewed pork and holy basil served with pesto rice, and grilled chicken quesadilla, and Chef Chumpon’s Thai recipes. The chefs generously shared their experience on the cooking processes, value-adding, and building customer impressions, so that participants who wished to have their own restaurants could be sure the knowledge taken from the course will be useful and open up career opportunities

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