“The Living Weir” Restore Life to the Forest @Chiang Rai

Taking care of physical wellbeing was not the only way we could do to improve the well-being of the villagers in rural areas. We might also take care of their surroundings, such as the forest which was very important to the livelihoods of these villagers. On December 15-18, 2020, the Singha R-SA’s student network in the North organized the “33rd Local Development Volunteer Camp” at Pa Tung Subdistrict, Mae Jan District, Chiang Rai, to help restore the upstream dam or “The Living Weir.”

The project was a cooperation of 8 Rajabhat institutions: Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Lampang Rajabhat University, Uttaradit Rajabhat University, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University, Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University, Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University, and Phetchabun Rajabhat University. Students who participated in this activity had the same goal in mind, which was to use the knowledge and skills they learned in school to take care of their own community. The project was named “The Living Weir” because the water sources in the forest were extremely crucial to the villagers since they had to rely on them for consumption, agriculture, and livestock development. Water has also played a significant role in the well-being of every life in the community.

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