upporting Forest Firefighters with Water – SINGHA-R-SA

There were many forest fires in the north of Thailand in the months of March and April 2019, especially in the provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Mae Hong Son which faced fire and smoke every day. This prompted Singha R-SA to set up forest-firefighter support centers in various areas of northern Thailand and [...]

Supporting Fire Victims @Ramkhamhaeng

After the fire which engulfed the accommodation of staff from the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) at Soi Ramkhamhaeng 24/1 on the 20th August, those people whose homes were burned were moved into temporary shelter.

Sightseeing by Bicycle @Ayutthaya

Thanks to the Thai soap opera Buppesannivas (Love Destiny), the attention of Thai people has been sharply focused on the history and culture of Ayutthaya. On 25th April 2018, therefore, Singha R-SA teamed up with Channel 3 News and partner networks to celebrate Thai culture through the creation of “Ayutthaya Bike-Sightseeing”

Be Full, Be Delight Project

On 7 September 2017, it was the beginning of a new member of SINGHA R-SA. A volunteer chefs group which occurred from the idea of Piti Bhirombhakdi (Todd) who wanted to enhance his food passion and help people in the society.

Singha Volun-Touring at Phrae Province

Singha Volun-Touring was back again. This program was for exchange students from different countries to participate in volunteer activities and learn Thai culture. This time, SINGHA R-SA and SINGHA R-SA International Student Network traveled to Banmaeteud School in Wangshin district, Phrae Province. We stayed there for two days to complete our mission from 29-30 April. […]


SINGHA R-SA team crew from Chiang Mai Beverage and students from Mae Fah Luang University traveled to Baan Ja Na, Mae Ai, Chiang Mai to bring 100 packs of drinking water and 10 sacks of rice to 249 wi