Natacha Wongchinsri (Bell)

SINGHA R-SA Volunteers come from many universities and provinces and all have different motivations. For example, some like to do activities, some joined with SINGHA R-SA because of an invitation from their friend, some like to help because of their family members and some help for all these reasons.

Nattawan Aumnuaysinsiri (Namtarn)

Someone said to me “Were they acting?” because they saw photos of SINGHA R-SA volunteers that were taken by a professional photographer. They felt that the pictures were so good with strong depth, mood tone and color that they could not be real.

Patcharaporn Sinlapawisut (Build)

SINGHA R-SA helps and assists communities in time of need but we also promote fun activities. For example, SINGHA R-SA Leadership Camp and Singha Volun-Touring Project recruit foreign backpackers for volunteer work and take them out traveling to promote cultural tourism.