SINGHA R-SA Volunteers come from many universities and provinces and all have different motivations. For example, some like to do activities, some joined with SINGHA R-SA because of an invitation from their friend, some like to help because of their family members and some help for all these reasons.

Natacha Wongchinsri (Bell) is a 3rd year student in the Bachelor of Arts Program in Business Chinese at Assumption University. She joined SINGHA R-SA because of all these motivations.

She said “When I was young, my father took me with him to do volunteer activities. When the floods came, I would go along to donate items to the villagers. I enjoyed helping other people. I felt good doing this work so I didn’t need any reward. Moreover, I like to do activities. When my friends invited me to do volunteer activities,  I joined them. The more I do this work the more I like it. Now I persuade others to join with me.”

Wongchinsri has been volunteering with SINGHA R-SA for one year. Last year she participated 5-6 times and supporting flood victims in Southern Thailand was an activity that she remembers very well.

“I remember when I traveled South to help flood victims at Surat Thani in January 2017. We got on a boat to go deep into the village because the water level was so high that the villagers couldn’t get out. I saw it with my own eyes. It made me realize how bad this flood was. People were living outside on their rooftops. At that time, we tried to go deeper because so many people were helpless, but we couldn’t travel easily because our boat was small. The weather was hot but we had to be patient. We wanted to help them as much as we could.”

Singh R-SA volunteering can be hard and tough, but Bell was up for the task.

She told us “I was really thankful to SINGHA R-SA who gave me the chance to do this. It really opened my eyes. If I had not joined SINGHA R-SA I would never have known how people feel and suffer when they face difficult times. I never knew about these things before because my family was well off. I want to thank SINGHA R-SA for giving me the chance to meet new friends who also have a volunteer spirit like me. Volunteers who help others are good people who do not only think of themselves. SINGHA R-SA introduced me to good friends with the same ideology. Thank you SINGHA R-SA.”

We all come from different places, but Wongchinsri is one of many SINGHA R-SA volunteers who have the same intention and determination. We are prepared to dedicate our time and strength to help others in trouble.

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